2mm pGA


2mm PGA wagon render

2mm PGA wagon render

2mm PGA wagon

Our first 2mm scale model

Cavalex Models are pleased to announce that the design stage of the process is complete and we are now ready to release details of our 2mm scale PGA wagon.

Proposed liveries for the first run of the PGA 51-tonne GLW Aggregate Hopper wagon in 2mm scale:

Original Redland






White with black patch


Plain white


There will also be the option of factory fitted protection panels for all liveries.

For customers modelling the current day scene, we will also offer white PGA wagons with the ladders, walkways and handrails removed.

Before the production process can commence, we require a level of firm orders to be achieved.

The next section of the page will explain the process for how our project will move forward.

The way the pre-order process will work is as follows;

• Stage 1 - Expression of interest by placing a pre-order.

Please contact us via email providing the following information;

1. Your name, address and a contact telephone number.

2. PGA Livery; Original Redland, Redland, Lafarge, white with black patch or plain white.

3. Quantity required.

4. Factory fitted protection panels.

5. Ladders, walkways and handrails removed (latter versions of the white livery).

• Stage 2 – Deposit

We will send an invoice for a 50% deposit of the order value.

Once the deposit invoice has been paid, this becomes a binding transaction.

• Stage 3 – Target Level

Once the target level of orders is reached the tooling stage will begin.

• Stage 4 – Production

On approval of samples from the factory the final production will commence and we will collect the balance of customer’s order value.

• Stage 5 – Delivery

As soon as the finished product arrives in the UK we will contact customers regarding postage and packaging prior to the dispatch of orders to customers.

Regular updates will be provided to customers throughout the development process.

Production timescales and estimated arrival in the UK will be provided once tooling commences.

Cavalex Models is delighted to be in a position to invite potential customers interested in purchasing a PGA wagon to contact us with their order. The price per wagon will be £25.00 (RRP will be £27.00), plus postage and packaging, for Redland, Lafarge and plain livery wagons.

The closing date for pre-orders will be the 15th of April 2019. Please note that all orders received after this date will not qualify for the pre-order discount price of £25.00 and will be processed at the full price of £27.00.

Please email cavalexmodels@gmail.com to register your interest or complete the below form.

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