Class 91 - 91119 InterCity Swallow (Bounds Green Depot)

Class 91 - 91119 InterCity Swallow (Bounds Green Depot)

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Please click the button below to pre-order the Cavalex Class 91:

The Cavalex class 91 will have the following features:

- Optional factory fitted DCC sound with EM2 speaker (LegomanBiffo)

- Fully operational and configurable lights (Day & Night modes)

- Flush glazing for the locomotive and rolling stock

- Highly detailed underframe

- Blunt end operation

- Smooth operation; geared for a combination of smooth running and scale speeds

- Authentic nose grilles dependent on version (including IC Swallow Emblem)

- Authentic detail variations for all 31 Class 91/0s and 91/1s


The 91 will also have the following advanced features, which we will expand upon over the coming months:

- Scale pantograph solution

- Class 91 valance coupling solution

- Sprung buffers

- Easy DCC fitting solution (without removing the body)

The price per locomotive will be £179.99, plus postage and packaging, for the original Intercity, GNER, LNER and the special present day InterCity livery. LegomanBiffo DCC sound fitted with an EM2 speaker will be available for £259.99.

The way the pre-order process will work is as follows;

Stage 1 – Pre-orders placed by filling in the form.

Please complete the form below.

Please note that on completion of the form and submission, automatic acknowledgement emails will not occur. Pre-order confirmation emails will follow in due course.

Stage 2 – Target Level

Once the target level of orders is reached the tooling stage will begin. If we do not reach the required number of pre-orders the project will not go ahead.

Stage 3 – Deposit

We will send an invoice for a 50% deposit of the order value, which will be payable either via bank transfer or via the website.

Once we reach the required level of orders we will advance to the tooling stage in which the transaction will become binding and no refunds will be made after this point.

Stage 4 – Production

On approval of samples from the factory the final production will commence and we will collect the balance of customer’s order value either via bank transfer or via the website.

Stage 5 – Delivery

As soon as the finished product arrives in the UK we will contact customers regarding postage and packaging prior to the dispatch of orders to customers.

Regular updates will be provided to customers throughout the development process via our social media pages.

Production timescales and estimated arrival in the UK will be provided once tooling commences.

The closing date for pre-orders will be the 30th of October 2019.

If you have any questions please email -

Or alternatively contact us via:


Twitter: @cavalexmodels

Instagram: @cavalexmodels