Cavalex Models’ June update from DEMU Showcase


In the last week we have announced the Total version which is available to preorder, as well as having a TEA 3D printed for DEMU, please see this photo below:





The BBA is currently in tooling. We are excited to announce that the BLA will be an exclusive model to Rails of Sheffield and it is available to preorder now via their website. Please see a photograph of the 3D sample we have had printed for DEMU showcase:


N Gauge PGA:

Preorders are still open and we are hoping that in the coming weeks we will achieve the required number for the project to proceed to the next phase. We would like to say a very big thank you to our friends at Revolution Trains, who very kindly promoted our wagon to their audience. Please see a photo of the 3D printed sample:

KFA Warflat:


We are extremely excited to announce we have teamed up with Trains4u of Peterborough to produce the KFA/PFB Warflat in OO gauge.

 65 Warflats were built at Shildon for the Ministry Of Defence between 1976 and 1981, originally dual braked, with the TOPS classification PFB, they were converted to air braked only during the 1990s. Some received the PFA code before the K prefix came into use (KFB/KFA). These wagons are primarily used for transporting soft skin and light armoured vehicles, but can be used for a variety of loads, including bridges and even steam locomotives. KFAs are still in use today.


The model will feature:

  • Close coupling mechanism

  • NEM coupling pockets

  • Sprung buffers

  • Weathered effect decking

  • Detailed underframe

  • Zinc alloy frame

  • Easy to convert to P4/EM


Please see some renders of the wagon below. Please contact Trains4u for more details on how to preorder.


Project 225

 Following our visit to Bounds Green in April, we are excited to reveal the following point cloud images of our class 91:

 We are now in the process of converting this data from the scan into the CADs.


We have also released the following 3D renders of the class 91 pantograph. The model is based directly from official drawings obtained from, and with permission to recreate the pantograph and associated single arm operating mechanism from Brecknall Willis:

Class 91 BW Pantograph 4mm #2.png
Class 91 BW Pantograph 4mm #1.png



Project 225 will have the following features:

- Optional factory fitted DCC sound with EM2 speaker (LegomanBiffo)

- Fully operational and configurable lights (Day & Night modes)

- Flush glazing for the locomotive and rolling stock

- Highly detailed underframe

- Easy conversion to P4 & EM

- Blunt end operation

- Coach lighting

- 5 pole motor for scale speeds

- Authentic nose grilles dependent on version (including IC Swallow Emblem)

- Highly detailed interiors (91/coaches/DVT)


The project will also have the following advanced features:

- Scale pantograph solution

- Close coupling solution between coaches (2nd radius) - Class 91 valance coupling solution

- Sprung buffers

- Highly detailed bogies

- End coach/blunt end lighting

- Easy DCC fitting solution (without removing the body)


More details to follow on the above.

We are also very excited to open expressions of interest based on estimated prices. Please click the button below to express your interest: