Cavalex Models’ September Update


The second run of our 4mm PGA wagons is currently in production at our factory. We are expecting these wagons to arrive in the UK early Q4 2019.


The September update brings us sad news regarding the N gauge PGA wagon. Despite giving the project far longer than we were expecting we have still yet to pull in enough pre-orders to take the model to the next stage.

As a 2mm modeller myself this is sad news for me personally and a step back for Cavalex Models as we were hoping to bring all of our models to both 4mm and 2mm scales. The N gauge market however seems to be a fickle business and whilst we have had a reasonably good response from the N gauge community in general and outstanding support from revolution trains, the model has not been given the support necessary by the retailers.

The concensus there has been that N gauge sales in general are too low at approximately 20% that of OO to make support of the project worthwhile.

As a result for the time being we have had to place the 2mm PGA and subsequent BBA, BLA and TEA wagons on the backburner in favour of their 4mm bretheren. This has not been an easy decision for us but one that we feel we have to make given the lack of support for the scale so far.

We are still very keen to offer N gauge models and in order to break into the 2mm market we will still be offering the class 91 locomotive in N gauge. The hope is that the pre-order sales numbers will exceed the necessary minimum required to push to the next stage and show the N gauge community what Cavalex has to offer in 2mm.

- Cav



This model is currently at the design stage of the process.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the staff at Aggregate Industries’ Bardon Hill quarry for allowing us to visit the sidings and conduct further on site research. This visit has proved very useful and now completes the research stage of the process.

Following the visit to Bardon Hill, the design stage of the process will now progress at pace. We hope to have this stage of the process completed over the next few months. Further updates will be provided in due course.


The BBA and BLA wagons are currently at the tooling stage. We have had the first (T1) samples which we’ve hand assembled. Please see photos below:


We are expecting T2 samples within the next week or so and we will post photos once they arrive. We will be sending out emails later this week to collect the balance on outstanding invoices to allow us to go to production in the next few months. We would like to extend our thanks to everybody who has supported the BBA project so far!

 If you haven’t ordered the BBA and would like to please send us an email and we can accommodate your order.


The 4mm TEA has proved to be very popular over the past few months that we have been taking pre-orders. We are aiming to start the tooling stage of the process at the end of this month.


Cavalex Models are delighted to be able to release some 3D renders of our class 91 locomotive design. Whilst the CAD design is almost complete there are a few minor tweaks and details to be added. We are also very excited to formally open the pre-order process via the button below.

3D Renders:



The Cavalex class 91 will have the following features:

- Optional factory fitted DCC sound with EM2 speaker (LegomanBiffo)

- Fully operational and configurable lights (Day & Night modes)

- Flush glazing for the locomotive and rolling stock

- Highly detailed underframe

- Blunt end operation

- Smooth operation; geared for a combination of smooth running and scale speeds

- Authentic nose grilles dependent on version (including IC Swallow Emblem)

- Authentic detail variations for all 31 Class 91/0s and 91/1s


The 91 will also have the following advanced features, which we will expand upon over the coming months:

- Scale pantograph solution

- Class 91 valance coupling solution

- Sprung buffers

- Easy DCC fitting solution (without removing the body)


We are also very excited to open for pre-orders based on estimated prices.



DCC ready £179.99 / LegomanBiffo sound £259.99 (Prices maybe subject to change based on CAD design alterations. We will inform customers of any changes prior to the transaction becoming binding.)

Cavalex Models are releasing the following class 91 locomotives in the first production run:

91003 – InterCity Swallow

91124 – GNER “Reverend W Awdry”

91116 – LNER

91119 – Bounds Green Depot special

Please click the button above to pre-order our class 91 locomotive.